Congratulations, Alex

May 20, 2024 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Congratulations to Alex Bowers on his MS and graduation. He accomplished cool work showing that although Ashe juniper has spread throughout central Texas over the past century, there are some surprisingly old individuals scattered across the region.


EL Reed Herbarium is now online

Nov 1, 2017 • Dylan W. Schwilk

The E.L Reed Herbarium at Texas Tech is now online. We have a new Plant Phylogenomicist and Herbarium Director, Dr. Matt Johnson. He moved the herbarium database to Symbiota


A Sonnet on Cactus Taxonomy

Sep 8, 2016 • Dylan W. Schwilk

A sonnet on cactus taxonomy


Plain text workflows for graduate students

Feb 18, 2016 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Markus Eichhorn just wrote a nice post describing writing tools for biologists That prompted me to put down a few thoughts quickly both to describe the tools I use but also suggest a possible path for the student interested in moving away from a ms word only workflow but for whom my emacs-only setup is too foreign.


Native plants for Lubbock gardens

May 6, 2015 • Dylan W. Schwilk



Big Bend after winter rain

Feb 1, 2015 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Ecological Strategies of Plants (BIOL 3405) field trip to Big Bend. Despite heavy rain Friday night, we had a successful trip. the Pine Canyon pour-off was a waterfall.



Nov 7, 2014 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Just out in Plant Ecology: Briand et al 2014. Does fire regime influence life history traits of jack pine in the southern boreal forest of Québec, Canada?


Using Markdown and Pandoc

Oct 31, 2014 • Dylan W. Schwilk

I pulled together a set of templates and a build system for writing scholarly articles in markdown and building docx, pdf and html output. See pandoc-build-system.


Plant dieback under exceptional drought

Jul 15, 2014 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Just out in PeerJ: Plant dieback under exceptional drought driven by elevation, not by plant traits, in Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA. Elizabeth F. Waring, and Dylan W. Schwilk 2014


Chisos field work

Jun 23, 2014 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Tagging trees, collecting leaves and cutting stems in West Texas.


New lab paper

Nov 19, 2013 • Dylan W. Schwilk

Just out in PLoS One: Schwilk, Gaetani and Poulos 2013 Oak Bark Allometry and Fire Survival Strategies in the Chihuahuan Desert Sky Islands, Texas, USA



Oct 25, 2013 • Dylan W. Schwilk

I’ve been using org-mode in Emacs everyday for a few years now. I use it to manage my scientific projects, schedule my life, take notes and write lectures. It has been a lifesaver. If you are curious about org-mode, this presentation by the author is worth a look.