I am currently accepting both Master’s and Ph.D. students.

Ph.D. students will work with me to develop an independent research project that meets their professional goals.

For a Master’s student, the dissertation project likely will be of more limited scope, for reasons related to the shorter duration of a Master’s degree. A Master’s degree is ideal for exploring interests, building skills, and practicing science under more guidance than would be allowed in a Ph.D. program.

Interested students should read several of my papers and the material on this web site to determine if our interests match. It is not necessary that students know their dissertation topic at the time of application, but I do expect students to have an idea of types of questions and systems that interest them. Eligible students should also apply for an NSF graduate research fellowship.

Application Procedures

Contact me via email and we can discuss your research interests and career goals. You will then need to apply to the Biological Science graduate program through the Graduate School at Texas Tech University. The new application portal is here

For full consideration for all fellowships and scholarships, all application materials must be submitted to the TTU Graduate School by December 1 for admittance the following fall Semester. Please contact me any time, however, as rolling admissions are possible.